Tuesday, July 31, 2012


In Uganda my bike often gets a puncture in the tires.  This is how we fix it.  First we take the tire off and remove the tube inside.  Then we pump up the tube with air and turn it slowly around until we hear the air coming out.  Then we put some adhesive glue on the puncture and then we stick a patch on it.  Then we pump it with air again and put the tube back on the tire and the tire back on the bike.  The last time I had a puncture there was a big thorn in the tire. 


Monday, July 23, 2012

Name That Lizard

 My friend Kevin slept over for the night on Friday.  On Saturday we played hockey and card games.  In the morning we found a lizard on the road.  Kevin picked it up and put it on his stick.  We walked home with it and showed to my Mom and Dad.  We put it on a banana leaf to let it go free.  It was cool feeling it.  It felt very rough.  It could hang upside down on a stick and the tail curled up.  I liked watching it balance on the banana leaf.  Guess what kind of lizard it is.  Respond to John Morton.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Helicopter

Last Saturday the First Lady of Uganda came to New Hope.   There were lots of soldiers with guns walking around.  We had to go through a metal detector to get into the church.  She came on a helicopter. In the afternoon I was on the secondary site and I saw the helicopter on the ground waiting for her to come back from Kiwoko.  It was an army green helicopter.  I was playing at my friend's house and his Dad called us to come and see.  The helicopter was taking off.  Grass rained down for the next five minutes.  It was cool!

Sport's Day

On Thursday we went to the primary students sport's day.  First we waited for two and a half hours for it to start.  We watched the girls play netball.  Our team lost.  Netball is sort of like basketball except you shoot with one hand and you're not allowed to dribble the ball.  Next we watched the New Hope boys play football/soccer.  It was so close.  Junju from David family did an amazing free kick but it just missed the net.  In the middle of the game two cows came running onto the field.  Someone chased them off.  They lost 1-0. 
On Friday I`m going to play football with my team here.  I have to do 50 push-ups.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

Yesterday we were invited to celebrate the 4th of July with the Americans at New Hope.  I played dodge ball for a long time.  I played games with my friends.  For dinner I had a burger and tortilla chips that David family makes.  The tortilla chips are delicious!  After dinner when it was dark we roasted marshmellows that Auntie Hannah had brought.  The bonfire was really big.  I'm happy they invited me.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We're Back

I was so excited to see my friends again. I played with Elisha, Noah and Kevin.  I played football (soccer) with them.  My bike came in a big box with my hockey stick.  I was happy that they got here in one piece.  After my Dad put the pedals back on my bike I went for a ride.  I saw Kynan and Tiegan on Sunday afternoon.  I used to play them a lot last year.  On Monday when I was playing hockey on the porch I noticed three Ugandan kids watching me beside a banana tree.  I asked them to play with me and we used our frisbees.  It was fun!

Monday, July 2, 2012

We're Off

On June 27th we got on our first plane to London from Calgary.  It was nine hours.  It was long.  In London we went swimming at the Hilton Hotel with Christine.  I had my last warm shower for a while.  We went to a restaurant called Giraffe in Heathrow Airport.  I had a Mango Mama smoothie.  It was delicious!  Then we got on our next flight to Entebee, Uganda.