Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas

On Christmas the Frasers were here so that was nice.  In the morning we ate breakfast of pancakes, and bacon.  After we opened stockings we went to church.  After church we had a big meal with the people still here.  In the meal there was matoka ,rice ,cabbage, cappatis and soda.  After we opened presents and ate dinner.  It was a fun Christmas.      

There Here

I have been waiting so long and finally they are here.  The Frasers have come to visit us in Uganda!  It is very exciting because they are our first visitors this year.  While they are here they are staying in a house close to our house so they can come for meals.  They are doing gutters and teaching basketball to the Ugandans.  It is nice to have them here.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Party

On Sundays my Mom and I go to Sunday school.  My Mom teaches my Sunday School so she goes with me.  Every year before everyone goes for holidays we have a Christmas Party.  On that day all the classes show something to the other classes.  This year my class did a skit about the prophesies of Jesus and how they came to pass.  I was the narrator.  After everyone did there part we got to eat chapatti's.  It was very fun.

Friday, November 29, 2013


A few days ago we moved houses because other missionary's went on furlough and they wanted us to live in their house so we moved there.  Are new house is on the primary site instead of on secondary site where are other house was.  On primary there are lots more people so you get to see more people while on secondary you barley get to see anyone so it is a big change but I like the house!    

Sunday, November 24, 2013


My friend and I decided to dig a hole with a hoe (a Ugandan shovel) just for fun.  After we were done we went to see what time it was.  We were carrying our hoes on our bikes with one hand when I turned around the corner. My bike slid in the rocks and I fell off.  I looked at my knee and blood was pouring out.  My friend quickly stopped and helped me get to my house but nobody was there!  I asked my friend to go to our neighbour's house to call my dad who had taken the car but right then my dad came driving up and helped me get clean and bandage my cuts up.  That's why you should never carry a hoe on a bike.

Monday, November 11, 2013


On Saturday we went to a graduation at David Family for Sarah and Kimuli.  We had a Ugandan special meal that includes rice, matoke, cabbage, meat, g-nut sauce,and a Miranda Green Apple soda.  There was a lot of food on one plate but I still finished it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Burglar Alarm

For science in school I had to make a burglar alarm because I am learning about simple machines. We set it up by the front door of the new house we are living in.  It had a shoe lace from the door to the curtain rod.  The shoe lace attached to a box full of buttons.  When you opened the door the buttons all spilled out on a cookie sheet.  It worked really well some of the time.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

WE'RE BACK !!!!!!

I am just back to Uganda! Everyone is saying  I have grown
but I don't think so.  It was really fun to see my friends again.

We went to Glacier National Park to camp and I got to go in my aunt's kayak on Lake MacDonald.  It was my first time to try kayaking.  It was really fun.

We went to a cottage on Rice Lake with my Mom's relatives.  We played soccer and volleyball but we didn't swim because there were weeds.
I'm glad to be back in Uganda.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Safari Part 2

After lunch, we went on the boat ride to Murchison Falls. On the way we saw schools of hipppos and many different kinds of birds like the fish eagle. And we saw many crocodiles. They have sharp teeth. When we got back we had dinner and went to bed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Safari Part 1

We went on safari with our cousins Jonny and David.  The first day we got there we went to the top of Murchison Falls.  It was amazing!  The water falling from the falls was like huge bombs exploding.  After that we went to the Red Chili where we were staying.  It was not fenced so warthogs just ate all the grass so the grass was short.  At night hippos were there too.  You could hear them snorting.  For dinner I had pasta and meatballs 

 In the morning we went for a game drive.  We saw hundreds of antelopes and buffalo grazing.  Then we saw a lion with two baby lion cubs.  They were sand colour.  The mother had a collar on her neck.  Then a lot of cars came and the lions went into the bush.  So we drove to the hippo pool and got out to stretch our legs.  After that we saw two giraffes but they were far away.  We drove by a bush and there was a female lion in the front of it.  Then we say a male lion in the bush and then we discovered there was another male and female lion.  It was amazing to see them so close.  After that we went to see the tall, tall giraffes and then we went back for lunch.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


We went with David Family to the camp on Lake Victoria.  while we were there we hiked to a waterfall.  We climbed another way to the top of the waterfall.  It was cool!  After that we went up stream and we found another waterfall and we climbed up that one too.  Then we found a road that went back to the camp.  It was fun!