Monday, September 10, 2012


This is my friend Wilson.  He is in Jonathan family.  He's half of my size but he is one year older than me.  He wasn't cared for very well before he came to Jonathan family.  He laughs at everything even at himself.  He's very friendly and talks to me in Luganda.  He thinks I know Luganda and always talks to me.  I do know how to say "Jangu" which means "Come" and then he comes running.  I would like to learn more Luganda so I could talk to him.  On Saturday we built things with blocks on our front porch.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Musana camp

I enjoyed going to Musana camp.  It was a seven hour journey and the road was very bumpy.  We played football (soccer), ping pong and a game where you have to throw ropes with balls attached onto a stand with three bars.  We hiked to a waterfall.  We had to cross streams on rocks or logs that were broken and shaky.  The waterfall was taller than a two-storey house.  Some street boys from Jinja came to the camp.  We played a game called flag tag when you have to try and pull the flags off other people.  They were really fast runners.  It was fun going to Musana camp.