Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Recently we went on a trip to Kobwin and Musana Camps ( New Hopes two other sites) with are whole family and another family from New Hope.  We went because my dad was doing accounts at Musana and Kobwin.  First we went to Kobwin and stayed there for four days.  It was fun seeing every one there.  I had not been there for 6 months.  I had fun climbing the rocks there and playing football with my friends at Kobwin.  Then we drove over to Musana Camps.  At Musana we went down to the beach there on Lake Victoria.  That was also fun.  We then went and stayed in Jinja a city on the Nile.  We went for dinner there because it was Christina's birthday.  We stayed in Jinja for two days.  Then we came back home.  In all it was a very very fun and exciting trip.