Wednesday, March 19, 2014


On Thursday we went to the other New Hope site with aunt Constance a lady that works here.  It was are first time being there so there was lots to explore.  Before we got there, there was a long 9 hour car trip. The Kobwin Children Centre is in east Uganda.  On the way we bought gonja a roasted kind of banana and chicken on a stick for lunch.  When we finally got there after we unloaded we went to Uncle Charles' house for dinner.  Uncle Charles is the manger for Kobwin.  While we were there I played with boys from the Family group there.  We mostly climbed rocks.  The rocks at Kobwin are huge. 

While we were at Kobwin one day we went to Sipi Falls.  It was 3 hours away but it was amazing. There are three waterfalls and we viewed them in different spots.  On the way back we stopped in Jinja to have lunch at The Keep. They had very good food.  When we got back finally I was ready to sleep.