Saturday, April 19, 2014

Safari game drives!

While our visitors were here they went on safari.  I also went with them.  I was the only person in my family to go.  We went on two game drives on the trip.  On the first one we saw a lot of antelopes at first.  Then we spotted a elephant.  The guide said that because it was alone it meant that it had been poached.  Then we saw a cut on its trunk.  After we saw the elephant we saw two hyenas.

After we saw many more antelopes and big cape buffalo and a big herd of giraffes.


On the second game drive we didn't stop as much because we had already seen it.  We were driving along when the guide told the driver to stop.  I looked where she was looking and it looked like a anthill but it was a lion!

It was a male lion with a big mane. 

After that we wanted elephants so we went to the part of the park where there were elephants.  And did we see elephants.

We easily saw 50 or more of them in groups of 5 to 10.  It was very cool.  I had fun taking these pictures.   

Guest Blog by Isabel and Dan (our Canadian visitors)

My friend from Canada and his cousin took some pictures of life around New Hope.  I hope you enjoy them.

A great storm was coming and going to rain.

This is us at church with John.

Some of the families don`t have nice houses or beds to sleep on.

We went to work in the garden and grow sweet potatoes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!!!

My best friend from Canada came to visit with his dad.  His
cousin and her dad also came here too.  My mom and dad came with me to pick them up.  I wasn't tired when we went to the airport at 10:00 at night. I couldn't wait to show them everything at New Hope Uganda.  When we finally got back I couldn't believe they were here.