Saturday, May 23, 2015


About two weeks we went to Musana Camps with David Family.  On Monday we went over to David Family to get on the bus.  We had to wait for a bit but finally we got loaded on to the bus.  It was a very long bus drive but it was fun.  One of my missionary friends sat by me and Christina and me talked about books and movies.  When we got there after eating lunch we got are tents set up and the we went down to Lake Victoria.  All the David Family kids swam but I just played volleyball with some kids.  The next day we went on a hike to the waterfall.  That was very fun.  After we got back we had a huge water fight.  That was super super fun.  The next day I was sick.  It was quite disappointing.  The kids went to swim in Lake Victoria again.  The next day we went back.  It was a very exciting and awesome trip!  

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  1. sounds a really busy few days, John. hope you are feeling much better now.